The Mindful Collection by Knitter’s Pride

Just as it sounds… the latest collection released from Knitter’s Pride – The Mindful Collection – are all things “mindful”. And in this day and age, that truly counts for something. Here’s a little piece from their website: Their newest needle sets and accessories are simply beautiful and practical. Here’s just a few we carry.Continue reading “The Mindful Collection by Knitter’s Pride”

Best Gifts: Needle Sets!

Sometimes the best gifts really are… the easiest ones to buy! Share the idea with your loved one or grab one for someone who’s new to knitting – an Interchangeable Needle Set is really the way to go. Here are a few we love and carry in our store. And… you’ll definitely want to getContinue reading “Best Gifts: Needle Sets!”

Companies We Love: Knitter’s Pride

Here at The Knitting Nest, we pride ourselves on partnering with companies who make a difference in the world. Some of the ways that the creators of our beloved yarn, needles, bags and more are helping others are so inspiring, we thought we would share a little of that information and highlight the ways thatContinue reading “Companies We Love: Knitter’s Pride”