The Dash Scarf + More!

Looking for a fun project for a snowy afternoon? Check out the Dash Scarf by Knit Collage. It’s knit in super chunky Sister yarn, with Pixie Dust yarn “finger woven” in after the knitting is done! There are beautiful color combinations. Also, we have some gorgeous Atenti Bags and Alchemy silk camisoles in stock. TheseContinue reading “The Dash Scarf + More!”

Spotlight on Alchemy Silk Purse

Have you ever worked with a yarn so luscious that you’ve thought “I’m never knitting with anything else again?” Silk Purse by Alchemy can make you feel that way. It’s so smooth, and the colors are so rich and vivid, that working with it is the ultimate knitter’s pleasure. It’s also wonderful for hot summer days,Continue reading “Spotlight on Alchemy Silk Purse”