Knitting Needle Sets & addi EasyKnit Circular Needles!

Have you invested in an interchangeable needle set? We love the flexibility they provide, as well as the comfort that we’ll always (well, almost always) have the needles we need when it’s time to start a new project.

We have some beautiful sets here at The Knitting Nest. Whether your style is classic or more modern, these lovely needles will be a cherished companion for your projects for years to come.


In other needle news… we also carry the new addi EasyKnit circular needles, which feature one short tip and one long tip. This makes the needles easier to manage and more comfortable. They’re perfect for sleeves, baby hats and other small projects. Come in and try them for yourself!


Happy knitting!

P.S. Our shop hours are currently shortened while Lauren cares for baby Sofia, so please remember to check the website or call ahead for our most up-to-date schedule. Thank you!

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