Introducing Malabrigo!

Each year, we’re on the lookout for new and exciting yarns and patterns to feature. This spring, we’re delighted to announce the arrival of some gorgeous yarns and patterns by one of our new favorite companies, Malabrigo!     We love this unique cowl design using Rasta yarn:   There are many other wonderful patternsContinue reading “Introducing Malabrigo!”

How to Use Left-Over Yarn

So you have left-over yarn, perhaps remnant skeins from two (or twenty) completely different projects? We understand! And we’ve found the perfect solution: knit them into a cowl! This is “Jenny’s” Cowl, created with our friend and customer Jenny. By alternating rows of knits and purls in the round, she created a woven-like fabric that isContinue reading “How to Use Left-Over Yarn”