Shop Small/Support Local Businesses!

This year, more than ever, shopping small & local really makes a big difference. It helps those small locally-owned businesses keep doing what they love. Also, saving you on shipping costs and reducing your carbon footprint! Usually the income made from various purchases, returns back into the community (as least in my case!!). So, for holiday shopping – black friday and cyber monday deals, look at the businesses closest to your home (or heart). 🙂

These gorgeous yarns Storyteller are locally dyed by Aubrey of Knits and Knots. Each is unique and one skein will create a stunning accessory to gift or knit/crochet up!

Also locally made – Fibres by Ramona. Hand spun and dyed in Carson Valley, this sock yarn is soft to touch with the durability needed for wearing. Included in a 4 pack (enough for a pair) is a stitch marker! And they’re on sale!

Another favorite for locals and fiber lovers everywhereValkyrie Fibers. I was lucky to snag a few skeins from Knits and Knits and have one set left! Loving these on my dreareneeknitsMarley Shawl – BRIOCHE FOR DAYS! Side note: if you’re not familiar with DreaReneeKnits – please check out her website. She’s absolutely amazing!!!!!

And…. Just in! These very cool (and super smart and useful) Row Counters, Stitch markers and Accessory Rolls for allllllllll your knitting and crocheting goodies.

The Mindful Collection by Knitter’s Pride

Just as it sounds… the latest collection released from Knitter’s Pride – The Mindful Collection – are all things “mindful”. And in this day and age, that truly counts for something. Here’s a little piece from their website:

Their newest needle sets and accessories are simply beautiful and practical. Here’s just a few we carry. Click HERE to take you to our website where we carry various needle set sizes and notions/accessories.

Is that not absolutely beautiful?! Makes my heart happy 🙂

Best Gifts: Needle Sets!

Sometimes the best gifts really are… the easiest ones to buy! Share the idea with your loved one or grab one for someone who’s new to knitting – an Interchangeable Needle Set is really the way to go. Here are a few we love and carry in our store.

And… you’ll definitely want to get on the “pre-order” list (send me an email), if you’re interested in these new sets from Knitter’s Pride: Knit and Sip.

From Knitter’s Pride:….. “This year’s Holiday Gift Set from Knitter’s Pride is based on the theme of Knitting and Coffee! The joy of knitting is a great match with enjoying our favorite coffee, and this is the reason to celebrate the two things we love! And get this – each set includes two ceramic espresso cups to use while enjoying your coffee, tea, or espresso!! The gift set is presented in a plush velvet box, and the supporting accessories are included in a color coordinated pouch. Each size needle has a unique color that carries the name of the best matched coffee to make size identification easier. The set interchangeable tips in US sizes 4,6,7,8,9,10,10.5, and 11. Four coffee colored cables are included – 1(24″), 2(32″), 1(40″)….”